A recent study showed that innovation and design-driven organisations outperform their counterparts.

ADapT is about business agility

Innovation and design-driven organisations

Forrester Research in a recent study showed that innovation and design-driven organisations outperform their counterparts on the S&P500 by 219% over 10 years.

This study also showed that innovation design driven organisations

  • Have a 41% higher market share
  • Have 46% competitive advantage overall, and
  • Have 50% more loyal customers

Other studies have shown that incumbent organisations increasingly have less of a competitive advantage if they don’t leverage the digital world than those who do!

In the 1980s the average age of a S&P500 Company was about 40 years, it has recently shrunk to 17 years and falling – the reason large and old companies find it difficult to adapt to the 4th industrial revolution. The evidence shows that if they don’t, they are soon toast!


When to start thinking about transformation

So why are so many WELL ESTABLISHED companies failing to make the grade?

Maybe you recognise some the signs? If you say yes more than THREE times, you should start worrying, four or more! YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION NOW!

  • New competitors have suddenly entered your market and eroding profits
  • Customers are moving to competitors with more technologically advance offerings
  • Customers complains that they find it difficult to communicate with your organisation
  • Your cost is going up and your profits are coming down
  • Your advertising and marketing is not working any more
  • Customers are demanding more/new features with unrealistic timelines
  • Your website adds ZERO value!
  • Your customers seems distant all of a sudden, well maybe if you think about it, it actually became so over a period of time.
  • You have not changed your product set in the last 5 years’ time
  • You have not changed the features our your top products in the last 2 years
  • You have not introduced a new product in the last 2 years
  • You have lost a MAJOR customer in the last two years!
  • You have not added a MAJOR customer in the last year!


ADapt - Agile Digital Transformation

No matter what industry you are in, you and your organisation CAN LEARN to not only survive, but THRIVE in the DIGITAL ECONOMY! You can out-innovate and out-sell your competitors by being smart!

The secrets are captured in ADapT

ADapT is EASY TO LEAN and EASY TO APPLY in any organisation who takes survival in the DIGITAL AGE Seriously!
The model consists of THREE transformational phases that helps you:

  • Define your Digital Strategy
  • Innovate and Design new Digital Products or Digital Twins for existing products
  • Implement your ideas iteratively so that you can scale with as little as possible effort, and adversely affect your current business activities.

Using ADapT techniques, some of our customers has reported up very high ROIs on transformational and innovation initiatives in as little as ONE YEAR!



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