Understand the organisation and formulate a digital transformation strategy

Agile Digital Strategist

Agile digital transformation

ADapT gives you the skills to strategise, design, build and scale digital products and services appropriate for the digital age.

The EXTRACT Digital Strategist Masterclass is a practical emersion into the ADapT model. It uses Strategic Portfolio Management and other techniques to determine strategic direction for your organisation, appropriate to succeed in the 4th industrial revolution.

EXTRACT focuses on understanding the situation of the organisation at a specific point in time and formulating a digital transformation strategy. By building and maintaining a digital portfolio, strategic initiatives can constantly be evaluated, re-prioritized and managed in a coherent fashion.

Theory and techniques are covered to enable delegates to effectively practice and implement what they have learnt.


Target Audience

Executive and senior management, board members, business owners, entrepreneurs, business and IT consultants.


  • Why innovate?
  • What is Agile ADapTTM?
  • The role of senior or executive management
  • The Digital Transformation imperative
  • What is Digital Transformation?
  • General background on innovation and transformation
  • What we aim to do in the ADapT EXTRACT Phase
  • Understanding your options and making choices
  • Strategy and governance
  • The changing role of organizational leadership & management
  • The organisation, its Purpose, Cause, Values and Principles
  • Understanding the strategic cascade and your business context


  • The effect and influence of technology on strategy, and other trends impacted by, or made possible by technologies, including: The gig economy, connected communities, social media engagement and how to leverage other's assets, your relationships and platform business models
  • Understand tools and methods to your disposal.
  • Understand the organization's current position, stakeholder interests & how value is created.
  • A closer look at markets and market adoption, using diffusion of innovation as a basis for strategic decision making
  • Managing strategic product and service choices with portfolio management; cost versus benefit, evaluating existing products and services, value stream & other mapping techniques to decide if your current portfolio should change?
  • Creating a public view of the portfolio and a strategic roadmap


  • Understanding customers better using customer feedback & journey mapping.
  • Evaluating new or changed products and services, requirements and trends.
  • Manging portfolio decisions and decisions to terminate, phase out, maintain, improve, partner, acquire, evolve or innovate.
  • Choosing your transformation model from; decentralized, centralized, innovation sandbox or the combination of these models. An alternative using Moore's Zone to Win.
  • Making organisational and structural changes to support new product or service strategies.
  • How EXTRACT interface with EXPLORE

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