Ensure quality delivery and optimised operations andscale at an everincreasing pace

Agile Digital Implementer

Agile digital transformation

ADapT gives you the skills to strategise, design, build and scale digital products and services appropriate for the digital age.

The EXPAND Digital Implementer Masterclass is a practical emersion into the ADapT model, using LEAN, AGILE and other data-driven techniques to implement innovative ideas, ensuring that the organisation's success is scaled, and where improvement is needed, that immediate action is taken.

EXPAND focuses on operationalizing and eventually commoditizing new and innovative products and services, and how these can be sustained and supported. EXPAND also aims to create an understanding of how the organisation can further improve operationally.

A fundamental precept in EXPAND is measurement and analysis and ADapT advocates data-driven (objective) decision making. The aim of EXPAND is not only quality delivery and optimized operations, but using these as a foundation to SCALE at an ever increasing pace!

Theory and techniques are covered to enable delegates to effectively practice and implement what they have learnt.


Target Audience

Senior, functional and operational management, business owners and entrepreneurs, business and IT consultants, technical and functional experts

  • Why innovate?
  • What is Agile ADapTTM?
  • The role of senior or executive management
  • The Digital Transformation imperative
  • What is Digital Transformation?
  • General background on innovation and transformation
  • What Agile ADapT is all about and the three key Expand Questions that needs to be answered
  • Problem vs Solution Space and how Explore and Expand work together
  • Continual operational improvement and creating stable environments
  • Defining an improvement approach and sources of improvement activities


  • Effectively managing an improvement backlog, and getting rid of technical debt
  • Traditional problem management tools and techniques and how they can be used as a catalyst for innovation
  • Understanding and dealing with technical debt
  • Improvement techniques used in operational environments, including; kaizen blitz (event), A3 problem solving, DMAIC, daily kaizen and Improvement as part of sprints
  • Identifying and auctioning operational improvement and how to constantly improve and evolve current products and services
  • Building, testing, deploying/offering and supporting new or changed services or products


  • Growth hacking
  • Agile projects, backlogs and portfolios including key concepts like value and an iterative approach and how to achieve flexibility without sacrificing stability
  • Agile as a means of product and service improvement
  • Using scale agile techniques to introduce new innovation
  • The importance of service measurement, data-analytics and visual management
  • The role of automation and software robotics

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