Agile Digital Transformation

ADapT gives you the skills to strategize, design, build and scale digital products and services appropriate for the digital age.

Agile Digital Transformation

Strategize, Design, Build & Scale

Agile Digital Transformation


ADapT was developed to catapult Industrial Age Companies into the Digital Age in a straightforward, easy to follow and coherent fashion. ADapT will help you strategize, design, build and scale digital products and services appropriate for the 4th industrial revolution and help your organization to successfully navigate the digital age.

The model consists or three distinct stages.

Extract - Digital Strategist

Extract focuses on understanding the situation of the organisation at that specific time and formulating a digital transformation strategy. By building and maintaining a digital portfolio, strategic initiatives can constantly be evaluated, re-prioritized and managed in a coherent fashion.

Explore - Digital Innovator

Explore is all about innovation. Focusing on customer and organisational needs, Explore helps organisations to design and validate the feasibility of ideas, before they start building or improving products and services. Not only will this help to insure that new or changed products and services will succeed, but it also saves a ton of money by not persuing unviable or marginal ideas.

Expand - Digital Implementer

Expand focuses on operationalizing and eventually commoditizing new and innovative products and services, and how these can be sustained and supported. Expand also aims to create an understanding of how the organisation can further improve. A fundamental precept in Expand is measurement and analysis and we advocate data-driven (objective) desion making. The aim of Expand is not only quality delivery and optimized operations, but using these as a foundation to SCALE at an ever increasing pace!

Stage You do You get
Extract Analyse and strategize Digital portfolio to help manage producs services, and their financial viability
Explore Innovate and design New or improved products or services, with validated viability
Expand Build, implement & measure Satisfied customers, stable operations and ability to scale

Why innovation and design?

In a recent study Forrester Research showed that innovation and design-driven organisations outperform their counterparts on the S&P500 by 219% over 10 years.

This study also showed that innovation and design-driven organisations:

  • Have a 41% higher market share
  • Have 46% competitive advantage overall, and
  • Have 50% more loyal customers


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Who will benefit

If you are a traditional organisation that struggles to remain relevant in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and don't know what to do with Digital Transformation ADapT was developed with your needs in mind!

You don't need a technical background or formal business and finanial management skills - anyone can learn how to optimize their organisation for the Digital Age.

Can start-ups use ADapT? Yes – for sure. The process will just be simpler for you than for an incumbent organisation. ADapT will also ensure that as your enterprise grows, the vital management systems are in place to scale as quickly as possible.

How should it be used?

All the techniques and methods described in ADapT work on the premise that multi-disciplinary teams will do the work. We also encourage the involvement of people across the organisational hierarchy, e.g. it's amazing what insights a new employee fresh out of university may have.

A key feature of 4th industrial companies are that work is cross-functional.

What courses are available?


Workshops are practical deep-dives on each of the three ADapT Phases. Workshops are done either in-chouse where we work on your unique issues and come up with solutions you can immediately start using OR public workshops where practical work is based on given scenarios.

Workshops are 3 days each and cover three topics:

  1. Building a digital strategy and portfolio - Digital Strategist


  2. Designing innovative products and services - Digital Innovator


  3. Build, implement, measure and scale innovation - Digital Implementer


Completing all three qualifications leads to the capstone Digital Transformation Manager



Program Benefits

  • Learn digital transformation techniques
  • Understand the digital marketplace and how to play in this space
  • Identify gaps and opportunities
  • Create a digital strategy
  • Create a digital portfolio
  • Align operating model to digital business
  • Create new digital products/services
  • Make current products/services digitally compliant
  • Learn to how innovate and design for the digital age
  • Test and validate product product/service idea viability
  • Build successful digital products/services
  • Identify opportunities to improve current operations and portfolio
  • Ensure customer needs are met
  • Leverage technology to meet customer needs
  • Learn how to digitally transform
  • Get certified in digital transformation

Workshop Benefits

  • Practical and based on your company
  • Apply what you have learnt immediately
  • Work in cross-functional teams
  • Experienced consultant leads the workshop
  • Guaranteed ROI promise

How do I become an ADapT Partner?

There are only 50 partner opportunities globally! We want to make sure that partners help us and their customers succeed by being a success themselves.

Please contact us for more information.

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